Royal Blood

Mother Nature

Royal Blood

Necklace of silver, gold, a diverse array of diamond cuts, mosaic with carnelian tesserae and a rock crystal with reversely engraved intaglio of a horse bust.

Horses have been lauded throughout history, mythology, legends, fables, stories, tales, and folklore as symbols of loyalty, nobility, courage and freedom. They were believed to have been borne by the wind itself due to their speed and strength. Horse groomers feel this loyalty and emotion in the depth of their hearts, finding comfort in treating these worn souls. Equine assisted therapy for mental health treatment remains to this day a popular treatment. This marvel that horses can bring to our lives shines through loud and clear in this magnificent piece.

  • COLLECTION: Mother Nature
  • TYPE: Necklaces
  • CODE: N3092
  • MATERIALS: Silver, Gold, A diverse array of diamond cuts, Mosaic with carnelian tesserae


  • TR: 61 cm

  • Inch: 24

Price Upon Request


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