Blue Mosque

Hagia Sophia

Blue Mosque

Ring of gold, silver, a diverse array of diamond cuts, Ottoman miniature and a lemon topaz with reversely engraved intaglio of a mosque.

The 1,000-year-old Hagia Sophia, rising up in glory out of the hippodrome in Istanbul, provided a great source of inspiration for Ottoman sultans after their conquest of the city. They wanted to produce magnificent cities reflective of their empire with Islamic buildings superior in beauty and size, and commissioned pieces for their greatest architects. In 1609, Sedefkar Mehmed Agha began working on the orders of Sultan Ahmed I. His magnificent mosque, which he managed to complete after 7 years, sat opposite the Hagia Sophia and was never greater than that which inspired it. Iznik tiling across the interior walls were breathtakingly beautiful with the prominent blue, green and white tones. Under the influence of their spell, the Western World chose to call this building, "The Blue Mosque." Until Sevan Bıçakçı discovers a magic formula to display the interior of the mosque, he's placed the blue and green of the Blue Mosque on its exterior for these rings: Tile depictions created in miniature form decorating the side walls as well.

  • COLLECTION: Hagia Sophia
  • TYPE: Rings
  • CODE: R5596
  • MATERIALS: Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Lemon topaz


  • TR: 18

  • EU: 58

  • US: 8.25

Price Upon Request


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