Dove of Peace

Mother Nature

Dove of Peace

Ring of gold, silver, diamonds, mosaic with turquoise-diamond tesserae and a blue topaz with reversely engraved intaglio of a dove.

The first to leave Noah's Ark after the Great Flood, returning shortly thereafter with an olive branch in its beak, heralding the continuation of life on Earth despite the greatest natural disaster in history. The dove has been a symbol of survival ever since, and it reminds humanity of the value of peace and tranquility. In Istanbul and Anatolia, beautiful "bird palaces" have been built into the facades of old buildings, many of which are at least as wonderful as the buildings themselves. Here, they chirp songs of friendship and peace from their bird palace inside a Sevan Bıçakçı ring.

  • COLLECTION: Mother Nature
  • TYPE: Rings
  • CODE: R6286
  • MATERIALS: Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Turquoise-diamond tesserae, Blue topaz


  • TR: 17

  • EU: 57

  • US: 7.75

Price Upon Request


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