Noble Couple

Mother Nature

Noble Couple

Ring of gold, silver, diamonds, mosaic with green and yellow agate tesserae, and a lemon topaz with reversely engraved intaglio of a swan couple.

Swans are one of the oldest symbols of beauty, grace and serenity. The way they move, the way they look - they're simply enchanting. In global mythology, goddesses and fairies are wrapped up most in swan imagery. They remain loyal even after losing their mate. They represent the purest form of love. When the hearts of two swans come together, nothing else is needed to complete the emotions of love and happiness. When they come together in one of Sevan Bıçakçı's rings, they say in unison, "Our life's desires are complete, now we can die in peace."

  • COLLECTION: Mother Nature
  • TYPE: Rings
  • CODE: R6709
  • MATERIALS: Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Agate tesserae, Lemon topaz


  • TR: 16.5

  • EU: 56.5

  • US: 7.75

Price Upon Request


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